-02302807112016 a1-225x300 IQF Squid fillet packing-worker-600x416 This fillet one used to make me 2 business trips to Kaoshiung , Taiwan for offer to a big partner who have 4 factories and a coldwarehouse 5000 pallets. It was my happine to talk a founder man this group who old man 77 aged He was live before April 30th 1975 several days before north VN army attach to my Sai Gon City. He told me that he was lucky man to survive that days and came back well- body to his family in Taiwan

Phentermine Hydrochloride Online After that he come to Mahattan NY USA to call stock shareholder opened this company and time by time moving this company from USA to Kaoshiung Taiwan at moment His range line supply all comsumption for Taiwan malls, supermarket like black chicken, this fillet squid rings, dried seafood He used to refuse my quotation because Chile price lower and this made me so suprise, Reason transport fee is so far between Taiwan- Chile and Taiwan -VN Please advice me best solution for above case to email